Double U: an easy-to-use bicycle parking

What is Double U? And why is it a good solution for events?

Double U - an adaptable, adjustable , movable and organized bicycle parking

Today Copenhagen has more bicycles than cars, no reason to doubt that it is the best city to bike! However, Copenhagen has not enough space for all of this bikes. We have observed that when an event gathers lots of people in the city, the general permanent bicycle parking becomes quickly crowded so the cyclists park their bikes wherever they can even if it is not adequate. This behavior is disturbing the cyclists and the city dweller because it becomes difficult to move around, not secure to walk around the events. 

It is possible to reduce the frustration of the cyclists and city resident by providing a more organized and adjustable bicycle parking. With Double U the festivals and events will improve their accessibility and provide an easy-to-use bike parking to their guests.

Double U is a temporary bike parking designed to adapt changing needs of events. It has a minimal design which consists of sustainable wooden quadratic components that you slide into each other. 

We install visuals (flags and stickers) near and in the bicycle parking for the cyclists to know where to park and to remember where they have parked their bikes. This system allows people to move around quickly and create a safer and more secure bicycle parking.

Roskilde Festival 16 and 17, Distortion Ø 17 Refshaleøen, Copenhagen commune and Musik I Lejet have chosen our solution to provide a more organized bicycle parking to their guests and were satisfied with our solution.


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